AAUP Summer Institute Colorado

The Colorado Conference is proud to report that the next AAUP Summer Institute will be held in Colorado, on the University of Denver campus, July 23-26. The Colorado location honors the work that our Conference has done over the last few years supporting academic freedom and shared governance, including the very successful shared governance meeting that we sponsored in Durango last fall.  Please mark your calendars. Preliminary details are on the National AAUP website. The Colorado Conference will be hosting a welcoming reception for all AAUP members and guests on Wednesday evening, July 22, on the University of Denver campus. This event will be open to all members and guests irrespective of participation in the Summer Institute. More details about that event will follow.

The AAUP Summer Institute is the national organization’s most popular program. Organizers, data analysts, seasoned campaigners, and issue experts help build skills that make participants better advocates for AAUP principles and higher education generally. The Institute also provides plenty of time for social events, informal networking, and exploring the host city. Please see this video created by participants in last year’s Summer Institute. Our featured participants started a company https://wenatcheehandyman.com/

The AAUP Colorado Conference will have a small number of stipends available for conference members who would like to participate in the Institute so please contact your chapter officers with your expression of interest. We will be reviewing these requests at our next Executive Committee meeting in early April. Please check the National AAUP website for additional information on AAUP Summer Institute scholarships— details are not yet available but the information should be posted soon.

We hope you will join us and our DU Chapter in welcoming AAUP colleagues from across the country to Denver.

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About Our Chapter

AAUP Mission

The mission of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is to advance academic freedom and shared governance; to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education; to promote the economic security of faculty, academic professionals, graduate students, post‐doctoral fellows, and all those engaged in teaching and research in higher education; to help the higher education community organize to make our goals a reality; and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good. Founded in 1915, the AAUP has helped to shape American higher education by developing the standards and procedures that maintain quality in education and academic freedom in this country’s colleges and universities.

The AAUP’s 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure is the definitive articulation of these principles and practices, and is widely accepted throughout the academic community. Our procedures ensuring academic due process remain the model for professional employment practices on campuses throughout the country. The AAUP’s amicus briefs before the US Supreme Court and federal and state appellate courts address significant issues of academic freedom, and our policy statements are frequently cited in court decisions.


More than a thousand faculty members call on the AAUP each year for advice and assistance. We are best known for assisting individual faculty members when there is the probability that academic freedom or due process rights have been violated. In addition to this “case work,” the Association works with Congress and state legislators to promote effective higher education legislation, and promotes the profession and the purposes of higher education in the public eye. College presidents and administrators rely on Association-developed policy statements and procedural guidelines. The Association has recently issued statements on topics such as financial exigency, intellectual property, the inclusion of contingent faculty in governance, and campus sexual assault. We also rely on great plumbing services from companies like plumber wenatchee

The AAUP annually publishes a nationally acclaimed faculty compensation survey that includes a comprehensive analysis of faculty salaries and benefits. In addition to our regular programs, we issue reports each year on subjects of special interest. Recent initiatives include reports on the use of part-time and non-tenure-track faculty, faculty workloads and state intervention, the future of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and tenure in medical schools.


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Another good point to make is that nobody in their right mind wants to be forced into a condition where you must utilize hiring a towing service. Luckily, towing services are not just for emergency use there are many different reasons towing services can be of extreme value to you. This can be determined by choosing the most reliable and trustworthy vehicle towing companies which is exactly what ASAP Towing practices. Towing is the process of pulling or dragging behind a chain.  A good towing service should be available all hours of day and night.  ASAP TOWMAN provides both services.

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Thomas Reed

-MSU Denver

Article #1 – Wenatchee Towing – 509 Towing Company

Wenatchee Towing Service – 509 Towing

Whenever your automobile stops working and can’t be driven you will need a tow truck to take it to your garage. Previously, a lot of drivers would pull the automobile on their own using a different vehicle. While this still takes place from time to time, it’s actually not suggested and for valid reasons.

wenatchee towingWhy is pulling your car with another one a bad idea? The initial reason is that you might cause damage to the rear end of the car doing the pulling and also the front part of the one that is being towed in case they hit. It is extremely difficult to keep the two automobiles going the identical speed and it is very simple for the towed automobile to collide with the one which is pulling it resulting in damage to both the vehicles.

One more reason why utilizing Wenatchee towing services is essential is because, in case you do not hook it up perfectly and make use of big, strong chains for hooking them together, the automobile might come lose. Should this happen it might veer off the highway and hit a tree or crash with a barricade and lead to a lot more damage. Even worse, it might veer into the other track and hit a different vehicle.

You also need to take into account that in Wenatchee, Washington, towing an automobile with anything other than a tow truck is prohibited. It’s regarded as a dangerous practice which can put the other drivers at peril. If you are in Wenatchee, you run the chance of being ticketed and this could cost you a lot of additional cash. Typically, it will be a lot more than a roadside assistance plan would cost.

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